Biography - Joe Day

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Biography - Joe Day
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Born in Ogden, UT in 1971, Joe Days parents soon moved the family to Vancouver, WA where Joe spent most of his youth. Joe his wife Cristina and their three children presently live in rural Brush Prairie, WA where they own a small piece of land butted up against Washington State Department of Natural Resources Forest Land allowing the family to enjoy the foothills of the Cascade Mountain Range right off their back porch.

Joe is a lifelong outdoor enthusiast and his love of fishing, hunting, and the outdoors is expressed in his paintings and drawings. While growing up in Washington, Joe spent his summers camping and fishing and the fall months hunting in the surrounding Pacific Northwest. But his first love was drawing and painting.

His creative talent was first noticed as a young child by his grandmother when she found him one afternoon at the kitchen table sketching a bird at a feeder just outside the window. The following day in an attempt to encourage hisinterest in drawing she surprised him with a gift. It was a book of birds for him to use as reference for his sketching. Throughout his childhood he spent countless hours scribbling, and sketching. While in high school, he peddledhis drawings and performed commissioned portraits to earn money to pay for art supplies and oil painting classes.

Joe took all the art classes offered at his high school and when he had taken every class available he managed to convincehis high school Principle (Columbia River High) to allow him to take two periods a day of art classes at two nearby highschools (Battle Ground High & Fort Vancouver High). Beginning his junior year and continuing for just more than threeyears, Joe began oil painting once a week under the tutelage of a local professional artist by the name of Stan Capon.Stan had the patients and Joe had the desire to learn.

Shortly after he graduated, Joe took a job as a factory sales representative for a wood working equipment manufacturer located in Harrisonville, MI. For the next nine years Joe found himself successfully working in the business world while allowing him no time to follow his true passion for art. Joe always found himself longing and dreaming of a day that would allow him the time to follow his passion.

In 2001 Joe went into the family business with the hopes that this move would eventually give him the time and opportunity to follow his passion for creating art. Within three years of being in the family business an opportunity to purchase a division of the company became available. This part of the business was called Rain City Powersports & Equipment and it sold and serviced Motorcycles, Jet Ski's, Snowmobiles, and ATVs. Joes business like many other companies found themselves a victim of the credit freeze in the fall of 2008 and on November 23, was closed.

The following week Joe and his wife Cristina began talking about Joe pursuing his life long dream of becoming a professional working artist. It was time to make lemons into lemonade. By the end of the week Joe, Cristina, and their three children decided that it was time for a life change. With the support of his family Joe has begun pursuing his new art career with determination and desire. As an emerging artist Joe is outfitted with the tools and work ethic that helped him become successful in the corporate world. But this time he has an even deeper passion to succeed.

In the past year doors have been opening rapidly for Joe. In May of 2009 his graphite pencil drawing of a steer wrestler titled "Who`s Winnin`" was juried into "The Best of the West Rendevous Show" at The High Desert Museum located in Bend, Oregon. Shortly after that he was introduced to Rip Caswell, an accomplished bronze artist and gallery owner from Troutdale, OR. Within a month of their meeting Joe was invited by Rip to exhibit his work in the Safari Club International Show in Reno, Nevada and the following month at the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation Show also in Reno, Nevada.

In February he was the featured artist at the Downtown Vancouver Art Walk. His work is now featured in the Rip Caswell Gallery and was premiered at the March Downtown Troutdale First Friday Art Walk.

To quote Rip Caswell, "Joe sure has hit the ground running as an emerging artist; he`s the new kid on the block."

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