Biography - Joe Day

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Biography - Joe Day

Born in Ogden, UT in 1971, Joe Days parents soon moved the family to Vancouver, WA where Joe spent most of his youth. Joe his wife Cristina and their three children presently live in rural Brush Prairie, WA where they own a small piece of land butted up against Washington State Department of Natural Resources Forest Land allowing the family to enjoy the foothills of the Cascade Mountain Range right off their back porch.

Joe is a lifelong outdoor enthusiast and his love of fishing, hunting, and the outdoors is expressed in his paintings and drawings. While growing up in Washington, Joe spent his summers camping and fishing and the fall months hunting in the surrounding Pacific Northwest. But his first love was drawing and painting.

His creative talent was first noticed as a young child by his grandmother when she found him one afternoon at the kitchen table sketching a bird at a feeder just outside the window. The following day in an attempt to encourage hisinterest in drawing she surprised him with a gift. It was a book of birds for him to use as reference for his sketching. Throughout his childhood he spent countless hours scribbling, and sketching. While in high school, he peddledhis drawings and performed commissioned portraits to earn money to pay for art supplies and oil painting classes.

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